Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brooklyn Trial Judge Known For Slamming Sloppy Lenders In Foreclosure Actions Featured On CBS Evening News

In Brooklyn, New York, the CBS Evening News recently featured state trial judge Arthur M. Schack, a jurist who has developed a reputation for booting foreclosing lenders and their attorneys for sloppy, error-filled filings in foreclosure proceedings:

  • He's rejected more than 40 of the 100-plus foreclosure filings that have crossed his desk in the last two years because of what some call "small" errors in the bank's paperwork, from incorrect dates and signatures to unclear proof of ownership. "About half of the cases in the last two years you've thrown out for what some would describe as a procedural - small issue, " [correspondent Seth] Doane said. "I don't think it's a small issue when somebody lives in a house and you're going to disrupt their lives and take away their home," Schack said.

For the story, see N.Y. Judge Takes on Foreclosures (Arthur Schack Looks beyond the Routine Process for a Chance to Help the Little Guy).

To watch the story, see Fighting Foreclosure.

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