Monday, February 5, 2007

Online References On Sale Leaseback Recharacterization

Online Articles On Recharacterization Issues In Sale Leaseback & Loan Participation Transactions (Ownership Issues, Title Insurance Problems)


Sale Leaseback & Loan Participation

Court Clobbers Foreclosure Rescue Plan, Lipson, Neilson, Cole, Seltzer & Garin, P.C.

Michigan Court Finds Deed is a Mortgage, (scroll down to the 3rd captioned article from top of linked page) Lipson, Neilson, Cole, Seltzer & Garin, P.C.

Michigan Appellate Court Sends Warning to 'Foreclosure Consultants', by Albert Rush and John C. Murray

When is a Sale-Leaseback an Equitable Mortgage?, by Gregory A. Thorpe and John C. Murray

Sale-Leasebacks: Things May Not Be What They Seem, by John C. Murray

Recharacterization Issues in Sale-Leaseback Transactions, by John C. Murray

Loan Participations: Recharacterization Issues, by John C. Murray

Recharaterzation Issues In Participating and "Equity Kicker" Mortgages, by John C. Murray

Clogging Revisited, by John C. Murray

To pay or not to pay: Claiming damages for recharacterization of sale leaseback transactions under owner's title insurance policies, by Thomas C. Homburger and Brian P. Gallagher
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