Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Zombie Debt Buyer Reneges On Oral Settlement Agreement, Moves To Force Sale Of Texas Couple's Home After Already Pocketing $9K, Says Suit

In Beaumont, Texas, The Southeast Texas Record reports:

  • A Jefferson County couple has filed suit against a debt purchasing company, alleging the company has reneged on an oral settlement agreement and is now attempting to sell the couple's home.

  • Leonard and Beverly Randle claim they had been sued for deficiencies they owed on their credit cards. Defendant Hudson & Keyes LLC(1) obtained a judgment against the Randles for $27,895.69, according to the complaint filed Feb. 19 in Jefferson County District Court.

  • The Randles entered into an oral agreement with Hudson & Keyes to settle the matter for $10,000, the suit states. The Randles agreed to make an initial $6,000 down payment, then to pay $200 every month until the debt was paid in full, the complaint says. The Randles claim they have followed the plan and have paid $9,200 of the settlement money.

  • "Thus it was to Plaintiffs' great surprise and distress when they learned that Defendant, despite and contrary to the Settlement Agreement, has proceeded with a Constable's sale of property of Plaintiffs at the address commonly known as 4825 Wyatt St. in Beaumont," the suit states. "Plaintiffs are now in desperate straits. They have been notified that the sale of the Property has been scheduled for March 2, 2010."

  • The Randles are seeking a temporary restraining order that will restrain Hudson and Keyes from selling their property and, after trial, a permanent order enjoining the firm from selling the property. In addition, they seek other relief the court deems just.

Source: Couple seeks TRO against debt purchasing company.

(1) According to its Web site, Hudson & Keyes is a debt buyer and reseller. zombie debt

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