Thursday, May 20, 2010

Failure To Provide Proper Notice Of Foreclosure Leads To Improper Loss Of Home, Say Homeowners In Lawsuit

In Grtena, Louisiana, WWL-TV Channel 4 reports:

  • While serving as Jefferson Parish president, Aaron Broussard had a lucrative side business as a court curator, appointed by judges to find missing parties in lawsuits. Now Broussard himself is the subject of a lawsuit for allegedly dropping the ball in one of his many curatorships.

  • In a lawsuit filed [] in the 24th Judicial District court, the embattled ex-parish president is accused of failing to take proper steps to locate the owners of a house in foreclosure. According to the suit, Ronald and Judy Bruzeau lost their Danny Park home in Metairie, in a sheriff's sale last month.

  • In his role as a curator, Broussard was supposed to mail a certified letter to the couple, something the Bruzeaus' say never happened. Broussard submitted a certified mail receipt he says he obtained when he notified the couple about the foreclosure. However, the U.S. Postal Service shows no record of any mail delivered under that receipt number, the lawsuit says.

  • The Bruzeaus are asking for damages from Broussard equal to the value of their home unless they can successfully annul the sheriff's sale.

Source: Aaron Broussard sued by couple involved in court curatorship case.

(1) Reportedly, Broussard has come under fire for handling 185 curatorships during his six years as parish president, adding more than $90,000 to his six-figure parish salary. Broussard resigned from office in January amid an ongoing federal investigation into his administration, and has quietly resumed practicing law in Kenner, the story states.

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