Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Woman Cops Plea In "Rescue" Racket That Clipped Homeowners Of $35-40K; Three Felonies To Be Reduced To Misdemeanors If Scammer Coughs Up Restitution

In Santa Barbara County, California, the Lompoc Record reports:

  • The manager of a Los Angeles-based foreclosure consultation business which had a Santa Maria office, entered a no-contest plea this week to eight counts of committing prohibited foreclosure practices. Irma Diaz, 41, of Hacienda Heights, entered the plea Thursday in Santa Barbara County Superior Court in Santa Maria.

  • Prosecutors had charged Diaz with eight felony counts, but Judge Edward Bullard permitted her to plead no contest to five misdemeanors and three felonies, which could all be reduced to misdemeanors if she follows the judge’s terms. “Over our objection, he reduced them to misdemeanors,” said Senior Deputy District Attorney Jerry Lulejian. Sentencing was postponed until Jan. 6 to allow Diaz time to make restitution to the victims.(1)


  • Lulejian has said all but one of the victims are from Santa Maria, and the crimes happened here. She took between $35,000 and $40,000 from the victims in all, Lulejian said, which she didn’t keep directly but that instead went to the organization she is a part of. [...] Lulejian said that he believes Diaz should have been convicted of all the felonies. “We want to scare people away from doing this kind of activity in the community,” he added.

For the story, see Woman pleads no contest in foreclosure fraud case.

For an earlier post, see Manager Of Foreclosure Consulting Outfit Bagged & Held On $1M Bail; Accused Of Pocketing Upfront Cash From Homeowners In Or Nearing Mortgage Default.

(1) Apparently, the judge has given Diaz six months before being sentenced to come up with the needed cash to buy down the three felony convictions. Hopefully, someone will keep an eye on her to see that she doesn't victimize anyone else to come up with the loot needed for the victim restitution.

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