Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Forensic Loan Audit Operation Hit With Class Action Suit; Accused By Others Of Clipping Homeowners Out Of Thousand$ With No Results

In Rancho Cordova, California, reports:

  • U.S. Loan Auditors claims it will review your loan documents to see if you're a victim of predatory lending, and will then help you go after your lender. Several customers have called [CBS 13 investigative reporter] Kurtis Ming saying they invested thousands, but got no results. Customers paid $3,000, sometimes $4,000 or more for their forensic loan audit. They say U.S. Loan Auditors looked thru their loan documents claiming what was found could stop a foreclosure, help them get a better loan, even money back from their lender.


  • A class action lawsuit (click here) filed on behalf of other former customers alleges U.S. Loan Auditors and its sister company U.S. Legal engaged in false advertising and intended to deceive customers. The complaint asks the court to stop the company from operating and require restitution to the alleged victims.

For more, see Call Kurtis: U.S. Loan Auditors Sued (Former Customers File Class Action Lawsuit, And Claim False Advertising).

For the class action complaint, see Ma, etal. v. U.S. Loan Auditors, LLC, et al.


Anonymous said...

They have kept me in my home over a year past my foreclosure date. They are great!

Anonymous said...

Way to go AG Brown.
Tens of Thousands of California homeowners are in distress from toxic loans, not to mention the rest of America. Some investig their life savings in trying to buy investment property to secure their futures - largely due, in part, to deceptive lending, with the NINA's and the ARMs that were being pushed by the lenders and banks. When are you going after them, the banks and lenders that made these toxic - fraudulent loans? These are the folks that have bilked and victimized the economy. Oh, that' right - they have the deep pockets. Deep enough to stall loan modifications, pay for legislation to put loan modification companies out of business and under investigation for fraudulent practices and taking advantage of homeowners and maybe even buy a politician, or two. . .