Sunday, August 21, 2011

Colorado Foreclosure Mill's Political Contributions Grease 'Impartial' County Foreclosure Officials' Campaign Coffers

The Denver Post reports:

  • Three public trustees have accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the state's top foreclosure lawyer and companies and individuals tied to him. A fourth trustee, as treasurer of a colleague's campaign, solicited and received a contribution from the lawyer's wife.

  • The contributions are the latest in a list of financial and political connections Denver attorney Larry Castle has forged over the years with the state's public trustees, who are charged with impartially overseeing the foreclosure process.

  • Castle, his law partners at Castle Stawiarski, several junior lawyers and employees, and a variety of business entities tied to him have contributed more than $25,000 to the trustees who ran for public office, campaign-finance records show.

  • "This is a brilliant and classic example of money in politics, where people give to get or just want to say thanks," said Jenny Flanagan, executive director of Colorado Common Cause. "The trustees are obligated to be above-board, and the whole concept of public trust is right there in their title."

For more, see Public trustees got thousands in campaign gifts linked to state's top foreclosure lawyer.

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