Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Score Another For Media; Bankster Backpeddles On 'Land Grab' F'closure Attempt Of Business Owner One Day Late On Mtg. Payment After Published Story

In St. Petersburg, Florida, the St. Petersburg Times reports:

  • It looks like Saji Mathew will get to keep his gas station, at least for now. The 41-year-old man faced foreclosure after missing a mortgage payment on the gas station by just one day. He made several attempts to continue paying and made a $50,000 offer in court earlier this week to settle the case that the bank refused.

  • On Thursday, a day after the St. Petersburg Times published an article detailing the saga, the bank, BB&T, said it would suspend the foreclosure action and work with Mathew to clear up the case. Mathew was elated to hear the news.

For more, see Bank suspends foreclosure against gas station that tried to pay one day late mortgage.

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