Friday, September 2, 2011

Law "Was Designed To Be A Noble Profession," Says Cal. AG In Announcing Civil Action Against 3 Firms Bringing 'Mass Joinder' Foreclosure Relief Suits

In San Francisco, California, The Bay Citizen reports:

  • California Attorney General Kamala Harris stood before a bank of news cameras [one recent] morning and declared war on unscrupulous lawyers. The occasion: a new lawsuit against three Southern California law firms, who stand accused of taking millions of dollars from homeowners who expected the lawyers to help them get mortgage relief. But the attorneys simply pocketed the money, Harris said.

  • Law "was designed to be a noble profession," Harris told reporters. Instead, she said, the accused attorney, Philip Kramer, and lawyers at two other firms took advantage of borrowers who were already "deeply disappointed, frustrated and hurt."

  • According to officials, the defendants extracted retainer fees of up to $10,000 from each of 2,500 homeowners to participate in lawsuits that actually hurt their chance of staying in their homes. Because these homeowners gave their meager savings to Kramer and his associates, they were less able to make their mortgage payments and more likely to lose their home to foreclosure.

For mor, see State Cracks Down on Unscrupulous Mortgage Lawyers (Law "was designed to be a noble profession").

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