Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mobile Home Residents Face Utility Shutoffs After Landowner Stiffs Water & Power Companies Out Of Nearly $100K

In Hamilton County, Ohio, WKRC-TV Channel 12 reports:

  • A local landlord was ordered to court [] and then ordered to stay in his seat by a Hamilton County judge. Judge Steve Martin wants proof that residents of the Compton Hills Mobile Home Park don't have to worry about Duke Energy disconnect notices issued Friday, and staggering water bills.


  • According to residents of Compton Hills and court documents, attorney and landlord Holbrook owes Duke and Cincinnati Water Works nearly $100,000. He also has unpaid debts and judgments all over the Tri-State. Residents of Compton Hills and Judge Steve Martin want assurances that their utilities are not going to be cut off next Friday.(1)

For more, see Alleged "Slum Landlord" Blames Bad Economy For Unpaid Bills.

(1) Lack of electricity and running water could give the local municipal code enforcement authorities (ie. building/health departments) grounds to storm in and immediately give all the residents the boot over health and safety issues.

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