Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Indiana AG Tags Two More Out-Of-State Loan Modification Outfits With Civil Suits Alleging Upfront Fee Ripoffs, Failure To Register, File Bonds

In Lake County, Indiana, the Northwest Indiana Times reports:

  • Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller alleges two out-of-state firms targeting Hoosiers with mortgage foreclosure or credit problems are operating illegally in Indiana.

  • Zoeller personally filed court papers in the Lake County clerk's office here Tuesday morning naming the Florida-based Marucci Law Firm and Illinois-based EAC Financial in lawsuits alleging their "rescue" businesses violated several state laws including the Indiana's Deceptive Consumer Sales Act.

  • He is seeking injunctions to stop the firms from collecting upfront fees while failing to provide services. He wants court orders forcing them to pay restitution to their Hoosier customers as well as civil penalties and attorney fees. Zoeller said both firms failed to register with the Indiana Secretary of State or file a bond with the state.

  • He alleges a Lake County resident contacted Marucci through an online service and paid the law firm $2,600. He said EAC Financial contacted another local resident by telephone who paid them $750.

For more, see AG sues to stop 'rescue' firms from targeting locals.

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