Saturday, October 22, 2011

Man Sues Ex-Wife Alleging R/E Ripoff; Says She Was Unauthorized To Take Title To Property In Her Name While Acting As His Agent In Parcel Purchase

In Galveston, Texas, The Southeast Texas Record reports:

  • Joseph Van Huntington is suing his ex-wife in an effort to extract a title from her. According to a lawsuit filed Sept. 19 in Galveston County District Court, Alicia Van Huntington falsely represented that she was the plaintiff's spouse to secure a transaction involving real property in Galveston County 20 years ago.

  • The parties divorced in September 1984, but continued to remain friends, the original petition says. Recent court documents show Joseph Van Huntington purchased the parcels of land in question on Dec. 28, 1988. He was out of the country at the time of the aforementioned transaction so he requested the respondent to act as his agent and affect the purchase in question, the suit says.

  • It explains that the complainant "wholly paid for the property, and Alicia Van Huntington paid (nothing) for the property."Joseph Van Huntington, however, asserts that he did not authorize Alicia Van Huntington, who reportedly resides in Argentina, to purchase the property in her name nor convey any part of the subject land to her.

  • The suit further alleges she had said property deeded in the plaintiff's name with his knowledge or consent. "To date, the plaintiff, Joseph Van Huntington, desires to sell the subject property and Alicia Van Huntington refuses to convey (the) title to Joseph Van Huntington," the suit says. Consequently, the complainant seeks a declaratory judgment stating he is the property's sole owner.

Source: Former spouses in litigation over property title.

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