Friday, November 25, 2011

Minnesota AG: 'CitiMortgage Won't Give Us Straight Answer!' As Accounting Screw-Up Over 1 Loan Payment Leaves Homeowner Facing Imminent F'closure Sale

In St. Louis Park, Minnesota, the Star Tribune reports:

  • Nancy Gosselin cannot understand why CitiMortgage is about to foreclose on her St. Louis Park house. Neither can her local banker or the Minnesota attorney general.

  • At the heart of the dispute is a single monthly payment of $584 that CitiMorgage says she failed to make more than two years ago, according to the attorney general's office. Gosselin says she made all her payments. A loan officer at Bremer Bank agrees. The attorney general's office, which says it can't get a straight answer from CitiMortgage, has urged the mortgage giant to stop the foreclosure and work out a deal.

  • But the fallout from the alleged missed payment has been a series of cascading late fees and penalties and refused payments that has culminated in CitiMortgage's threat to auction Gosselin's home at a sheriff's sale Dec. 2.

For more, see Bank forecloses even though experts say homeowner made all payments (CitiMortgage claims she missed a single payment, but original lender and others disagree. Auction is set for Dec. 2).

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