Monday, December 5, 2011

590 Employees With Document Processing Outfit Tied To NYS Foreclosure Mill Face The Axe

In Buffalo, New York, The Buffalo News reports:

  • Pillar Processing, a back-office and document-processing firm with close ties to the Steven J. Baum PC foreclosure law firm, will lay off 590 full- and part-time employees at its offices in Amherst.

  • The company told state and local officials that the layoffs are expected to take effect Feb. 27. Pillar is also laying off about 20 employees in Westbury, on Long Island.


  • The majority of the layoffs -- 435 -- involve processors. A total of 117 paralegals, team leaders, supervisors and legal secretaries will also be affected, according to a document filed along with a notice of the layoffs.

For more, see 590 face layoff as Baum woes spread to Pillar.

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