Sunday, December 25, 2011

Heat Continues For Florida AG As Critics Say Bondi's Failure To Probe Fraudulent Mortgage Practices Is Giving Banksters A Pass

In Orlando, Florida, the Orlando Sentinel reports:

  • As attorneys general in other foreclosure-battered states step up their investigations into fraudulent mortgage practices by large U.S. banks, some Florida groups are accusing state Attorney General Pam Bondi of being soft on the giant lenders.

  • Florida's Democratic state senators recently released a video that targets Bondi, a Republican elected to a nonpartisan office. Titled "Ignoring the Florida Foreclosure Crisis," the video contrasts new fraud investigations launched by California Attorney General Kamala Harris with controversial forced resignations of two key mortgage-fraud investigators in Bondi's Fort Lauderdale office.

For more, see Critics: Bondi lax in pursuing big mortgage lenders amid continuing foreclosure crisis.

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