Friday, February 10, 2012

Bar Ethics Opinion Fails To Set Off Nuclear Bomb Effect With Florida Foreclosure Lawyers & Their Bankster Clients

In Sarasota, Florida, the Sarasota Herald Tribune reports:

  • A year ago, the Florida Bar issued an ethics opinion that was a warning for every mortgage lawyer who helps lenders foreclose on Florida homes. It must have made many of them squirm a bit, but maybe not enough.

  • By then, everyone paying even a bit of attention knew huge numbers of foreclosure cases had been filed with iffy mortgage documents, most purporting to prove the plaintiff's right to foreclose.


  • Though it seemed a fiasco, lenders' lawyers kept using the created-documents tactic. Most often, it still worked; most homeowners didn't even fight the case. The Bar ethics decision a year ago seemed likely to change that.

  • It warned that lawyers could be suspended or disbarred if they knowingly filed iffy documents or, even in closed foreclosure cases, failed to tell judges about it now. Some predicted a nuclear bomb effect, all but wiping out the ability to foreclose.

  • With all lawyers on notice, how could lawyers for lenders dare to keep glutting the courts with so many cases even if they were winning most without a fight?

  • Well, there have been some effects. Lawyers are being more cautious, it seems. But that's about it. Sarasota County Circuit Judge Lee Haworth, a leader in helping courts handle the masses of such cases, says he hasn't heard of any lawyers coming forward to confess anything.

For more, see Lyons: Bar's ethics opinion little chill to foreclosures.

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