Saturday, February 25, 2012

Condo Owner Blames Spreading Mold, Shaky Ceiling On Leaky Plumbing From Vacant, Foreclosed Bank-Owned Upstairs Unit; Gets Loan Servicer Run-Around

In Royal Palm Beach, Florida, WPEC-TV Channel 12 reports:

  • A Royal Palm Beach homeowner says her ceiling is saturated with water and is about to cave in. But it gets worse. There's mold spreading everywhere. Patricia Garcia says a leak in the condo above her has caused extensive damage to her unit. The problem is the property is in foreclosure and has been vacant for the last few years.

  • Chase Bank owns the condo above her but she says every time she calls she gets the runaround. "Everytime I called, someone will be over. I'm speaking with them. I'm waiting for them to email me back. Every other day I called them they had an excuse," said Garcia.

  • Chase Bank did send someone to fix the leak after about two weeks, but they have not repaired the damage to her ceiling. A spokeswoman with the bank says they plan to investigate the matter.

Source: Royal Palm Beach condo leak is causing a moldy mess.

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