Thursday, May 24, 2012

Homeowner Facing Foreclosure Takes Two Month Trip, Returns Home To Find Premises Ransacked

In Palmdale, California, KABC-TV Channel 7 reports:

  • Shock and frustration for Palmdale homeowner Leroy McComb: He's speaking out about the distress of finding his home burglarized and trashed after a two-month trip. Leroy McComb certainly knows bad times. He lost his job in September. His house is in foreclosure. And he's going through a divorce. But none of that prepared him for a rude homecoming.

  • "The beds are all tore up, they stole the door off my daughter's bedroom," said McComb. "They stole the wiring off the side of the house to the junction box."

  • McComb says he went to visit his brother in Texas in February and when he returned two and a half months later he found his house ransacked, computer equipment stolen, furniture destroyed and trash scattered through every room.

  • "They took my pictures of my kids, they tore up memories," said McComb. "I don't have the nicest stuff in the world, but it was all I had in the world was in here. Now there's nothing left but trash and overturned furniture."

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