Thursday, May 10, 2012

Up For Re-Election, Nevada State Senator/Law Partner In Firm Representing F'closure Document Mill Slips & Slides His Way Around Robosigning Questions

In Las Vegas, Nevada, KLAS-TV Channel 8 reports:

  • Robo-signing left tens of thousands of Nevadans not knowing if they own their home. State leaders take a near unanimous stand against it but one Nevada politician may be voting one way, while profiting another way.

  • State Senator Greg Brower joined a near unanimous vote last year in a high-profile bill combating robo-signing. The Reno-area Republican is in one of the most competitive races in the state. The power balance at the state capital is at stake. But perhaps, more important, a clear answer From Brower on the question: Is robo-signing good or bad?
  • Brower is Nevada's former U.S. Attorney. He's now a partner at a private law firm paid to represent Lender Processing Services. Nevada's attorney general sued that company for what the state calls the largest case of illegal robo-signing. Brower's fellow attorneys filed a court paper which states robo-signing is not illegal; it is expressly permitted, and is not forgery.

  • The I-Team wanted to see if Brower himself supports robo-signing. At first, he told us, on the phone, he had nothing to do with the high-profile robo-signing case. The I-Team wanted Brower to explain his position. His office canceled one interview and postponed several times. Finally the I-Team caught up to Brower at a Las Vegas legislative hearing at the end of the lunch break.

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