Friday, June 1, 2012

C. Florida Cops Pinch Suspect Allegedly Posing As Real Estate Agent Holding Open Houses At Vacant, F'closed Homes, Duping Would-Be Buyers Out Of Cash

In Central Florida, the Tampa Bay Times reports:

  • A Polk County man has been accused of collecting down payments of homes that were not for sale — and state authorities believe some of his victims are in the Tampa Bay area. Paul Vencatasawmy, 41, has been arrested on fraud charges in connection with a couple of transactions, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement says.

  • So far, they've identified victim losses that add up to $380,000 but believe there's more.

  • Vencatasawmy posed as a real estate agent selling properties. Though he had some affiliations with legitimate companies, the FDLE said he struck out on his own to do these fraudulent transactions.
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents claimed Vencatasawmy held open houses at homes that were in foreclosure or vacant.

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