Saturday, June 9, 2012

Now-Foreclosed Homeowner: Bank Unloaded Defectively-Constructed House On Us & Financed It With Crappy Loan!

In Joplin, Missouri, KOAM-TV Channel 7 reports:

  • A Joplin woman fights foreclosure on her father's home and says the bank that sold it to her misrepresented it during the sale. It's complicated but Emily Arnold and her father, Robert Ross, are struggling to stay in the place they call home.

  • Mid-Missouri Bank refused to respond to our request for interviews about the loan but has foreclosed on the home. The house on 43 Highway North of Stones Corner looks good on the outside but a closer look reveals construction problems.

  • Arnold and Ross say they thought they were buying the house from Mid Missouri Bank, but instead the home was titled to a construction company, a company who's owner, Danny Tandy, is now in jail. Arnold and Ross say the bank should have backed the home warranty because they insisted Tandy do the home construction and customization.

  • Arnold says a cheap composite was installed instead of tile and is now cracked. Plumbing and groundwater issues have led to moisture, mold and now rot problems that add up to $73,000 in needed repairs.
  • Arnold hired an attorney who says bank officials set her dad up with a yearly renewed loan destined to fail instead of a veteran's loan for which he would qualify. And they contend the bank had an improper relationship with the contractor, Danny Tandy.

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