Friday, July 27, 2012

80+ Year Old Sisters Victimized By Loan Servicer; Find Themselves In F'closure After Being Duped Into Missing Mortgage Payment To Qualify For Loan Mod

In Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Tulsa World reports:

  • At 82, Joyce Jackson is the spry younger sibling who takes care of her older sister and teaches cooking and gardening.

    Her sister, Doreen Wood, suffers memory loss and lingering health issues at age 84 after a serious illness several years ago. Jackson is glad to take care of her older sister's finances and health because Wood can't drive or live alone.

    But both women say they feel victimized by Wood's mortgage service company, CitiMortgage. They say they were told to stop making payments in 2010 on the Sand Springs home, where Wood previously lived for decades, to qualify for a payment modification program.

    CitiMortgage refused to give them a timely response about whether they qualified for the program and began foreclosure proceedings in early 2011 without their knowledge, the sisters say.
  • "I feel so frustrated," Jackson said. "Out of one side of their mouth, they were talking to us about modification, all while beginning the foreclosure process. That's incredibly dishonest. They had no intention of helping."

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