Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Family's Lawsuit: Bankster's Advice To Default On Loan Payments To Qualify For Loan Modification Only To Then Begin Foreclosure Led To Daddy's Death!

In Dallas, Texas, Courthouse News Service reports:

  • JP Morgan Chase killed a retired minister by giving him a stress-induced heart attack, seized the home days later and wrongfully evicted his widow - all because they accepted the bank's offer and followed its advice, the man's wife of 57 years claims in Dallas County Court.(1)

    Harry Engel, of Grand Prairie, died in July 2010. His widow, Wanda Jo Engel, and his adult children, Steve, Debra and Josh Engel, sued the bank, and EMC Mortgage and LPS Field Services on a host of charges, including wrongful death, wrongful foreclosure, trespass, gross negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The family also sued Chase alone for fraud, fraudulent inducement and deceptive trade.
  • "With regard to Chase, the Engels believed what any reasonable bank customer should believe-complying with a lender's advice should be safe and should not put them at risk from the lender. In contrast to how a lender should behave, however, Chase and the other defendants' subsequent conduct proximately caused Mr. Engel's untimely death and the loss of the Engel home," the family says.

(1) Expect Chase and its bankster-confederates to 'forum-shop' this case out of state court and into a Dallas Federal court.

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