Thursday, July 5, 2012

Homebuyer/Couple: Seller Pocketed Our Monthly Payments On Property She Lacked Clear Title To, Undisclosed Lienholder Now Seeks Foreclosure

In Jefferson County, Texas, The Southeast Texas Record reports:

  • Two Jefferson County residents have filed suit against the person who sold them their home, [alleging] she is wrongly attempting to foreclose on them even though they have made all required payments.

  • Caleb and Kristal Infante Spinks allege defendant Maria Infante Brown sold them a piece of Jefferson County property for $19,350. In turn, the Spinks made their monthly payments of $252.61, according to the complaint filed June 12 in Jefferson County District Court.

  • Suddenly, however, Brown stopped accepting their payments, the suit states. The plaintiffs later learned that Brown did not own a clear title to the property, the complaint says.

  • "Plaintiffs would show they have made considerable improvements to said property and defendant is urging the lienholder on said property to foreclose on plaintiffs, or convey title to the property back to defendant," the suit states.

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