Thursday, August 23, 2012

C. Florida Woman Named In F'closure Of Home She Sold 15+ Years Ago; Blames Problem On Title Company Screw-Up, Bank Attorney's Failure To Amend Filing

In Clearwater, Florida, The Tampa Tribune reports:

  • Deloris Bell sold her house in 1995, so she was shocked when in March a bank filed for foreclosure on the house and named her in the lawsuit.

    She said she called the attorney's office handing the foreclosure and was told not to worry. "I called and the guy said, 'It's just an error, just file for a new deed, and we'll correct it and take your name out of the paperwork,'" Bell said.

    Bell called her title company and filed for the new deed right away. But two months later, more court filings showed up, and her name was still listed as a defendant. The attorney's office again said it was an oversight.

    "He said, 'Oh, not a problem, I see it right here, it's on the computer, it's been corrected. We'll take your name off,'" Bell said. That was in June, but her name was still on the lawsuit.

    Lawsuits like Bell's, real estate experts say, illustrate the complexity of foreclosure and how innocent people can get pulled into someone else's financial trouble. When Bell sold her home, the title company made an error on the deed. She should have been dropped from the suit as soon as the deed was filed.
  • [A]fter inquires from The Tampa Tribune and News Channel 8, Bell said she got good news. "The attorney called and said they're dropping me from the suit," she said. "I'm so relieved."

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