Saturday, September 1, 2012

Real Estate Investor Files Suit To Derail Demolition Of Two Homes Scheduled For Date With City Wrecking Ball

In Beaumont, Texas, The Southeast Texas Record reports:

  • Diamantis Investments has filed a petition and application for temporary restraining order against the city of Beaumont, seeking to stop the slated demolishment of two properties. The injunction request was filed Aug. 16 in Jefferson County District Court.

    According to the petition, Diamantis Investments owns two homes in Beaumont located at 1785 Elgie St. and 3950 Congress St., both of which have been declared to be dilapidated structures and scheduled to be demolished by the city.

    In its petition, Diamantis Investments argues that if the homes are demolished, the plaintiff will lose almost all the investment in the properties, causing the plaintiff to suffer immediate and irreparable loss.

    Diamantis Investments is asking the court to enjoin the city following an injunction hearing. In addition to the injunction, Diamantis Investments is seeking court costs.

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