Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Senior Homeowners The Target Of Phone Campaign By Outfit Seeking Personal Info By Implying They May Be Eligible For Property Tax Refunds

From the Clark County, Washington Assessor's Office:

  • The Clark County Assessor’s Office is warning county residents of a telephone marketing campaign that seeks personal information from older residents, implying they could receive property tax refunds or relief.

    Seniors in several Washington counties have received calls from telephone solicitors who are marketing reverse home mortgages. The callers identify themselves as agents of “Seniors First.”

    The callers ask residents for personal information such as income, age and employment status. Callers say they are trying to help residents determine whether they qualify for the state’s property tax relief programs or assistance to veterans. The solicitors imply they are calling on behalf of the state Department of Revenue.

    Confused taxpayers in Clark, Lewis and Thurston counties have contacted the state regarding the calls. The Department of Revenue has alerted counties statewide to the telephone campaign.
For the Clark County Assessor press release, see Confusing, inaccurate phone calls target older property owners (State, county officials warn of reverse mortgage sales pitch).

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