Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dozens Of Confused Rent-Paying Tenants Worry About Possible Pre-Xmas Boot After Discovering Foreclosure Notice Directed To Their Landlord

In Greenville, North Carolina, WITN-TV reports:

  • There was concern and confusion from dozens of apartment residents in Greenville Tuesday after a notice of pending eviction was posted on several buildings. Some said it would mean they need to move out just days before Christmas.

    One resident told WITN he talked to the property management company who said a notice was taken to the wrong apartments, but the sheriff's office says it was posted correctly.

    Resident William Ward looked over the summons posted by the Pitt County Sheriff's Office Monday on the apartment building where he lives on Caldwell Court. It ignited confusion over whether or not he and other residents in the area would have a place to live at the end of the month.

    "You've been paying your rent on time, you don't expect to be left in the dark until the last minute and then boom all of the sudden this pops up," said Ward.

    The papers which include a notice on a foreclosure hearing set for December 4th, names four owners to appear. If the ruling is against the owners, a notice of ejection is also attached that has people thinking they may be removed days before Christmas. The summons lists the debt owed as more than $743,000 to BB&T as of October 18th.

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