Thursday, February 7, 2013

Man Linked To Now-Defunct Loan Modification Outfit Shut Down By State Of Georgia Opens Up Shop Under New Name

In Atlanta, Georgia, CBS Atlanta Channel 46 reports:

  • Some consumers told CBS Atlanta News they paid NAARI Housing Counseling Agency to save their homes from foreclosure, but they never got any help.

    CBS Atlanta News tracked down NAARI's former director of operations Monday.

    A tip led CBS Atlanta News to his new company on Buckeye Road in Atlanta called All American Home Assistance Services. CBS Atlanta News asked NAARI's former director if he'd resolved all issues over at NAARI since consumers are still complaining.

    "NAARI filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and they went through the court process and that was that with them," former NAARI Director of Operations Derek Harris said.

    Harris said he is no longer affiliated with NAARI.

    This was after the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance ordered the business to stop operating when they discovered the company was involved in mortgage brokering and lending without a license.

    Harris insisted that All American Home Assistance Services is operating legally.

    "We do counseling only. We do not talk with the bank, we do not negotiate with the bank. We just work with the homeowner and what to say to the bank and how to handle them."

    So what do former NAARI customers like Magrieta Segers do? She said she paid NAARI $1,500 to save her home from foreclosure, but she never received assistance.

    Now All American Assistance Services has offered to provide counseling.

    CBS Atlanta News asked Harris how customers can trust that he's operating legally this time.

    "Well because NAARI was talking to the bank. They had processes of talking to the bank. We don't have that process. We just counsel the homeowner and the homeowner talks to the bank only," Harris said.
Source: NAARI's former director of operations opens shop under new name.

In a related story, see Woman claims she was scammed by local foreclosure assistance company:
  • CBS Atlanta News began investigating NAARI Housing Counseling Agency in Tucker on Friday after a local woman said she paid the company $1,500 to help her save her home from foreclosure, but didn't get what she paid for.

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