Saturday, April 27, 2013

State Bar Slaps Dethroned Foreclosure Mill King With 17 Charges Over Alleged Robosigning Practices

In Orlando, Florida, The Associated Press reports:

  • The body that regulates Florida attorneys has forwarded a complaint to the state Supreme Court against a South Florida lawyer whose firm handled tens of thousands of foreclosure cases.

    The Florida Bar on Wednesday filed a 17-count complaint against David Stern, whose firm operated out of Broward County.

    The complaint said Stern failed to properly supervise his staff and that led to allegations of misconduct, including missed hearings, improperly filed court documents and hundreds of attorneys handling thousands of foreclosure cases.

    Documents submitted in court by his firm often were incomplete, contained inaccuracies and were improperly notarized, the complaint also said.

    Several of the allegations were made by judges.

    "In David J. Stern's capacity as managing attorney and sole shareholder in charge of all activities and functions of the Stern law firm, David J. Stern either knew or should have known that inaccurate and/or improperly executed documents were regularly being provided to courts throughout the state of Florida and took insufficient action to investigate the activity or to stop or prevent the improprieties," the complaint said.

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