Friday, May 3, 2013

Landlord, Fannie Fight It Out Over Who Gets To Snatch Rent While Caught-In-The-Middle Tenants Say They're Wallowing In Building Facing Foreclosure With Pests, Mold, $2M In Code Violations, Etc.

In Orlando, Florida, WFTV Channel 9 reports:

  • The owners of the Washington Shores Villages apartments owe the city of Orlando close to $2 million for code violations. People living in the apartment complex said they live in terrible conditions with pests, mold and other problems.

    Real estate attorney Karen Wonseter said the foreclosure proceedings between PDQ, the company that owns Washington Shores Villages, and Fannie Mae came to a head. "The court said, I don't believe you, I think the bank has shown that you are lying,’” Wonseter said.

    Court documents show Fannie Mae wants the rent from tenants in the apartment complex.

    According to documents, they've requested PDQ turn over the paperwork that shows how much they're entitled to numerous times. So far the company hasn't done it and had a number of excuses.

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