Thursday, May 9, 2013

School Teacher, Hubby Face Grand Theft Charge For Use Of Adverse Possession Claim In Attempted Hijacking Of Home In Foreclosure; Sheriff On 2nd Such Bust In Month: "We Gave This Teacher A Field Trip To The County Jail!"

In Lakeland, Florida, ABC Action News reports:

  • A Polk County school teacher and her husband face charges of grand theft after changing locks, purchasing electricity, and moving into a home they didn't own.

    It's the second adverse possession case, or "squatters", busted by the Polk County Sheriff's Office in less than a month.

    "They just move in, turn the electricity on, and take over," said Sheriff Grady Judd. "That's like suggesting that, after Walmart closes tonight, if you stay there, it's your store."(1)

    Cherie Fields, 25, and her husband, Owen Fields, 27, filed for adverse possession on the $160,000 residence located at 6861 Echo Lane near Lakeland on March 27, 2013.

    The home is in foreclosure, but still owned by a woman in California. PCSO contacted her, and she confirmed that no one had legal access to it.
  • The couple only lived in the home for a month, but because their crime is considered grand theft over $10,000, they may call jail their new home for several years.

    "Come on, girl! You've got a college education. You should know better than that," Sheriff Judd said. "Some people aren't learning very quickly, even when they are school teachers. In fact, some of your best lessons in life, are learned outside of the classroom. We gave this teacher a field trip to the county jail."
For the story, see Fort Meade teacher charged with squatting - second adverse possession case by PCSO in one month.

(1) Fortunately for Walmart, many of their stores are open 24 hours.

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