Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lawsuit: Real Estate Agent/Grandaughter Duped Granny Out Of Two Multi-Million $ Hell's Kitchen Properties, Leaving Her Broke & Facing The Boot

In New York City, the New York Daily News reports:

  • Her grandmother is broke, and now her mother is heartbroken. The sobbing mom of a New York woman accused of duping her 73-year-old grandmom out of millions of dollars was devastated Saturday by the charges of cross-generational greed.

    “I gave her everything,” Iris Weinberg said of daughter Danielle Kaminsky. “I gave her my heart and soul. How could she do this to her family?”

    Kaminsky was named in a $16 million lawsuit filed last week by Sarah Weinberg, whose family fled Europe in 1939 to escape the Nazis.

    Sarah Weinberg claims her rapacious 23-year-old granddaughter cheated her out of a pair of multimillion-dollar Hell’s Kitchen properties after the grandmother was struck by a car in early 2012.

    The money-grabbing grandkid also is accused of trying to evict Sarah Weinberg from her Restaurant Row home, allegedly giving the grandma a one-word order: “Pack.”

    The lawsuit charges that Kaminsky and her father, real estate lawyer David Kaminsky, collaborated to scam the senior citizen. “I’d expect this from him, but not from her,” said Iris Weinberg, wiping away tears while speaking about her former husband and daughter. “My mother would do anything for her.”

    Sarah Weinberg is nearly broke after $6 million in borrowed cash has disappeared, her lawyer said. "It’s gone,” said attorney Kenneth Glassman. “Everyone spent Grandma’s money.”

    He also claimed that his septuagenarian client was mentally incapable of comprehending the deal that sold one building on W. 46th St. and transferred a second to Danielle Kaminsky.

    The three generations of women were sharing a W. 46th St. home when the plot was hatched, according to the lawsuit.

    The granddaughter and Sarah Weinberg’s former son-in-law preyed on her “fears and anxieties to confuse, isolate and terrorize” their victim, the suit said. Court documents say that the building at 371 W. 46th St. was sold to a pal of David Kaminsky for $3.5 million — well below its $5.3 million market value.

    David Kaminsky pocketed a $200,000 “consultancy fee” after the sale, the suit charges. Danielle Kaminsky then coerced her grandmother into transferring the deed on 402 W. 46th St. into a trust — controlled by the grandkid.

    A weepy Danielle Kaminsky insisted on her innocence outside a Manhattan courtroom before a Thursday hearing in the case. She and her boyfriend are currently living rent-free in a penthouse apartment once owned by her grandma.
Source: Mom of NY woman who allegedly swindled grandma: ‘I gave her my heart and soul’ (‘I gave her everything,” Iris Weinberg said of her daughter Danielle, named in a $16 million lawsuit filed last week by Sarah Weinberg claiming her 23-year-old granddaughter cheated her out of multimillion-dollar NYC properties. ‘I gave her my heart and soul. How could she do this to her family?’).

See also, New York Post: Holocaust-survivor granny sues granddaughter, claims she’s homeless after being tricked into selling her property.

For the lawsuit, see Weinberg v. Sultan, et al.

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