Friday, August 9, 2013

Central Florida Cop Pinched For Allegedly Renting Out Vacant Home She Didn't Own; Suspect Bagged When Actual Owners Returned To Premises

In Orlando, Florida, WESH-TV Channel 2 reports:

  • An Orange County deputy is accused in a realty rip-off, according to investigators. Detectives said Deputy Jocelyn Aviles posed as a property manager and rented out a vacant house that she didn't own.

    Aviles was arrested and relieved of duty without pay from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. She said nothing as she left the department in an SUV on Friday night.

    Investigators said they found out about the scheme when the actual owners returned to their home. Squatters were living inside.

    Aviles was charged with grand theft, scheming to defraud, and forgery.
Source: Orange County deputy accused in realty rip-off (Deputy rented out vacant home, officials say).

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