Friday, February 12, 2010

Violators Of New Law Prohibiting Bullying Of New Jersey Renters Out Of Foreclosed Homes Subject To Triple Damages, Payment Of Tenant's Legal Fees

In Trenton, New Jersey, reports:

  • Lost in the change of state government leadership last month was the signing by Gov. Jon Corzine of a new law designed to strengthens notification requirements for tenants living in a foreclosed property.

  • Under the new law, buyers of a foreclosed residential property are required to notify tenants of the ownership change and that they are not required to vacate.

  • Similarly, creditors engaged in an ongoing foreclosure proceeding are required to include a notice to residents that a foreclosure action has been initiated and that the ownership of the property may change, but that tenants are not required to vacate the premises in the event of a foreclosure.

  • Buyers of a foreclosed property also are prohibited from engaging in any communication designed to persuade a tenant to vacate the property unless they make a bona fide monetary offer. Any acceptance of such an offer will be contingent upon the tenant having at least five business days to review its terms in writing, and by providing a signed acceptance. Violators will subject to either triple damages or a penalty of $2,000 plus attorney fees.

For more, see New law protects New Jersey tenants from foreclosure (Renters cannot be forced out when property changes hands).

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