Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wisconsin Woman Faces Forgery Charges For Swiping & Uttering Checks Tied To Co-Worker's HELOC Account

In Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, the Sheboygan Press reports:

  • Sheboygan County authorities have issued a warrant for a Milwaukee woman accused of stealing $4,000 in home equity from a Washington County resident. A criminal complaint issued with the warrant [...] charges Brenity A. Gayton, 24, with uttering a forgery, a felony punishable by up to three years in prison. She allegedly cashed the forged check in Sheboygan.

  • According to the complaint: The theft was reported in August when a former co-worker of Gayton’s discovered his home equity line of credit had been used up. He told Washington County authorities that five checks tied to that line had been stolen from his house around the time Gayton visited him to sign employment-related paperwork. A surveillance photo from Wells Fargo Bank, [...] shows Gayton cashing one of the five checks, made out to herself for $4,000.

Source: Woman charged with stealing home equity.

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