Thursday, December 22, 2011

Efforts Targeting Homeowners Stiffing Counties On Real Estate Taxes Through Use Of Improper Homestead Exemption Claims Continue

In Greenwood, Indiana, WISH-TV Channel 8 reports:

  • A central Indiana county is hiring an outside company to ensure that local residents aren't claiming homestead exemptions on property in more than one state. Johnson County Auditor Jan Richhart tells the Daily Journal the effort will ensure everyone who receives the property tax deduction is entitled to it.

  • County commissioners have hired SRI to search databases for fraudulent claims for tax credits. The company will contact the taxpayers and collect the money. SRI will receive 20 percent of the money collected. Most of the remainder will go back to the county auditor's office.

  • Richhart says violators will be required to pay the taxes they would have owed without the credit plus a 10 percent fine. Those who don't pay could see their property auctioned at a tax sale.

Source: Johnson Co. cracks down on tax exemptions.

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