Thursday, December 22, 2011

NC Man Barred From Loan Mod Business For Doing No Work After Pocketing Upfront Fees Now Targeted For Taking Cash & Peddling Phony Roofing Services

From the Office of the North Carolina Attorney General:

  • A Charlotte area roofer who took money for jobs he never started has been ordered to stop, Attorney General Roy Cooper announced []. “Shady roofers who take money and don’t perform must be stopped,” said Cooper. “Consumers should always be skeptical when someone shows up at their home offering repairs at a deep discount.”

  • Last week, Wake County Superior Court Judge William R. Pittman agreed with Cooper’s request to temporarily bar Reginald Keith Turner, who did business as Triple R Restoration and Pinnacle Restoration, from offering to perform or taking any money for roofing services. Cooper is seeking to shut down Turner’s roofing businesses permanently and win consumer refunds and civil penalties.

  • This isn’t the first time Cooper’s office has had taken Turner to court. In June, 2010, Cooper filed suit against Turner for operating a foreclosure assistance scheme and collecting money upfront for help he never provided.

  • In January, 2011, a Wake County judge permanently banned Turner from foreclosure or debt assistance work in North Carolina. The Attorney General’s Office first learned about Turner’s roofing tactics when a woman from Matthews complained about his failure to fix hail damage to her roof.

  • According to the consumer’s complaint, Turner knocked on her door and offered to repair her roof. She paid him a $3,000 deposit, money she had received from her insurance company. Turner promised to replace her roof within four weeks but failed to perform any work, claiming that he was delayed by weather.

  • After two more missed appointments, the homeowner asked for a refund. Turner dodged her phone calls which led her to write two letters demanding a refund. Finally, Turner responded that he would refund her money when he collected money from other customers. She has yet to receive any money back and can’t afford to pay someone else to fix her leaky roof.

  • The Matthews homeowner is one of 12 consumers who have filed complaints about Turner’s roofing companies with the Attorney General’s Office

For the North Carolina AG press release, see AG Cooper shuts down shady roofer (Charlotte roofer made off with homeowners’ deposits, failed to do work or provide refunds).

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