Saturday, June 16, 2012

Foreclosed Homeowner's Refusal To Leave Home Leads To Tear Gas, Gunfire Exchange With Cops

In St. Ann, Missouri, KMOX Radio 1120 AM reports:

  • St. Ann Police say they had to shoot a man who shot at them during a foreclosure eviction. St. Ann Police Chief Bob Schrader has known the man for years. The chief says the 51-year-old man was upset about losing his home to foreclosure.

  • He was just so stubborn about it and I told him what his options were and what was going to happen , he said I dont care I’m not coming out.” Chief Schrader told KMOX.

  • Schrader says after police fired tear gas into the house. The man fired shots out a window, out the back door as officers tried to get in..he then went back to the front. “He pointed the guns at me and my men and another officer saw it and took the shot” said Chief Schrader. The man was hit in an arm causing him to drop the gun and fall to the ground.

  • Schrader says the man’s mother had recently died and he’d been involved in a dispute with family members about the house. The man was being treated at a hospital.

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