Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Casualty Insurer Fails In Clutch; Danger From Developing Sinkhole Drives Georgia Family From Home After Getting Dropped From Coverage

In Albany, Georgia, WFXL-TV Channel 31 reports:

  • A woman whose home began sinking and falling apart while she was still living in it is fighting to have the foreclosure expunged from her record.

    When Tracy Singletary bought into the dream of home ownership in 2002, she couldn't imagine that 10 years later she'd be condemned to only the outside looking at her shattered dream. Year after year a small hairline crack in the foundation of the Savannah Lane home widened as Singletary began to notice more cracks popping up inside.

    When I was in the home, the interior of home there had cracks and breaks in the middle of the home,” says Tracy Singletary, former homeowner.

    After trying to convince insurance companies that the home was falling apart, her coverage was dropped. Singletary says at that point she had to leave because the safety of her family comes first.

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