Friday, August 10, 2012

Suit: Minneapolis Couple Not 'In Good Hands' With Allstate; Say Insurer Cut $68K Check To Cover $204K Tornado Wreckage; Home Unlivable, In Foreclosure

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, KARE-TV Channel 11 reports:

  • When Jenae and Travis Hutchins got married nine years ago, they bought their first home, a two story house on Russell Avenue North ready for a young family. "We wanted something that was move right in and not have any issues," Travis said. "And that was this place for us."

    Until last summer's tornado, with winds of up to 130 miles an hour the Hutchins say damaged their home. "The house acted like a bellows, essentially," said Travis. "It came in and sucked out and that's why we have the floor ripples and the separation of this wall."

    But when the couple called their insurance company, Allstate, to claim $204,000 for repairs, they instead got $68,000, and now they're suing Allstate for the difference.

    "It couldn't be more of a Goliath vs. David situation," said George Antrim, the attorney representing Travis and Jenae Hutchins.
  • Travis and Jenae say they're frustrated they've waited more than a year without a settlement while they live in a rental with their home unrepaired, unlivable, and now in foreclosure.

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