Friday, August 17, 2012

Central Florida Man Faces More Charges In Alleged Scam That Duped Homeowners In Foreclosure To Deed Over Their Homes To Him

In Brooksville, Florida, the Tampa Bay Times reports:

  • A Brooksville man accused of trying to sell foreclosed properties he never legally owned to unsuspecting buyers is facing more charges. Three more victims in Hernando County have come forward since Gaetano Antonelli was arrested June 27 and charged with three counts of organized fraud, the Hernando Sheriff's Office said Tuesday.

    Antonelli, 62, faces three more fraud charges here. The case has also crossed county lines.

    According to the Sheriff's Office, Antonelli targeted home owners facing foreclosure, telling them he could relieve them of their mortgages by suing their mortgage company. Antonelli told them they could walk away and maybe even get money back if they signed their deeds over to him by a power of attorney agreement, said Hernando sheriff's Detective Dustin Mormando.

    Then, authorities say, Antonelli would list the houses for sale on Craigslist without the knowledge of the homeowners.

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