Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Investigator For City Attorney's Office Used Exclusively For Probes Into Local Loan Modification Rackets

In San Diego, California, the San Diego Union Tribune reports:

  • San Diego city has hired a new investigator who digs into businesses who take up-front fees before a modification is completed -- something that's illegal yet prevalent in California.

    Mike Hurley worked in the San Diego Police Department for 30 years before taking on his new role as loan-mod scams investigator in mid-June. During his career, Hurley has investigated homicides, narcotics crimes and economic offenses. Before retiring, his last role in the department was a supervisor overseeing ID theft and forgery cases.

    A $56,846 grant from the state paid for the new half-time position, which falls under the city attorney's office. San Diego was one of 14 agencies in California to receive money from a fund that helps cities and counties fight mortgage and foreclosure scams.

    "Why is (this position) important?" said Assistant City Attorney Tricia Pummill. "Because of the recent events that happened in the real estate financial markets. So many people ending up with loans that are really burdensome and that affected (their ability) to pay these loans. ...We really saw an increase in the need for us to get involved to protect consumers."
For more, including a Q&A with Detective Hurley, see Q&A with a loan-mod scams investigator.

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