Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crooked Banksters & Their Immunity From Criminal Prosecution

Richard (RJ) Eskow writes in The Huffington Post:

  • If a recent report is true the Justice Department will need a new name - and some of us will have to step up and admit we were wrong.

    It was clear that the foreclosure fraud settlement which the Administration and most states reached with major US banks was a great deal for the big banks - and a lousy deal for the public. But some of us found reason to hope against hope that the settlement would be accompanied by real investigation of crooked bankers, after years of flim-flammery and disgraceful inaction by the Justice Department.

    Not that we were entirely naïve. The Administration's track record was poor. and even had a slight resonance of bad faith. when it came to prosecuting Wall Street criminality. So, speaking only for myself, that cautious support came with renewed pressure on the Administration to back its words with action.

    Some of us knew that, pace Pete Townshend, we very well might get fooled again.

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