Saturday, September 22, 2012

North Las Vegas City Manager Allegedly Pocketed 'Cash For Keys' Deal As A Tenant In Foreclosure Home While Concurrently Stiffing Landlord Out Of Rent

In North Las Vegas, Nevada, KSNV-TV Channel 3 reports:

  • The city of North Las Vegas may be drowning in red ink but the man in charge knows how to save a buck, or in this case, make one.

    Earlier this year News 3 reported on City Manager Tim Hacker failing to pay rent for several months while living in this house he said he planned to buy while he was actually in escrow to buy another home.

    Now News 3 has obtained an email from the broker who sold the house confirming Hacker received assistance known asCash for Keys” to move out of the home, which was in foreclosure.

    The woman who says Hacker owes her rent tells News 3 she's attempting to serve the Hackers with a summons to appear in North Las Vegas court. News 3 attempted to reach Hacker but the city of North Las Vegas is closed on Fridays.

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