Friday, December 28, 2012

Court Slams Horndog Judge In Disciplinary Proceedings For "Conducting Photo Sessions Featuring The Judicial Penis" From Cell Phone While Allegedly 'Putting The Moves' On Young Female Courthouse Employee

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Legal Intelligencer reports:

  • Even though a former Philadelphia Traffic Court judge contends that he did not intend to show photographs of his genitals on his phone to a Philadelphia Parking Authority contractor,(1) the Court of Judicial Discipline found that he did intentionally show the images.

    By doing so, Willie F. Singletary brought the judicial office into disrepute in violation of the state constitution, said Judge Timothy F. McCune, writing for the panel of President Judge Robert E.J. Curran and Judges Bernard L. McGinley, Charles A. Clement Jr. and John R. Cellucci.

    "We think that the public — even those members of the public who register the lowest scores on the sensitivity index — do not expect their judges to be conducting photo sessions featuring the judicial penis and then to be sending the photos over the electronic airwaves to another person," the opinion said.
  • The opinion resulted in an unusual holding.

    "We hold that a judge who intentionally grooms his penis for photography, and then intentionally photographs his penis for the purpose of display to others, had better remember that the photographs are in his phone lest they 'slip out' at some inopportune (albeit unplanned) time under circumstances which are likely to offend another person or persons, for, if they do, we will hold such conduct satisfies the 'mens rea requirement' so as to support a finding that the conduct is such that brings the judicial office into disrepute," according to the opinion.
  • Singletary has previously been the subject of judicial discipline.

    Singletary previously received a public reprimand and probation over a YouTube video in which he was recorded soliciting campaign funds from motorcycle riders while running for judge for the first time in 2007.

    When Singletary was previously subject to judicial discipline, the court found that Singletary violated the state constitution by bringing the judicial office into disrepute by soliciting campaign funds and intimating that he would give favorable treatment to anyone who donated to his campaign. The court sanctioned him with a public reprimand and probation.

    During his donation solicitation, Singletary asked the bikers, according to court papers: "Now you all want me to get there, you're all going to need my hookup, right?'"
For the story, see Court finds picture of 'judicial penis' matter of disrepute (A traffic court judge has been found to have brought his office into disrepute by showing photos of his penis taken with his phone to a contractor).

For the ruling of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline, see, see In re Singletary, No. 3 JD 12 (October 9, 2012).

(1) According to the ruling, this contractor to whom the cell phone photograph of the "judicial penis" was displayed was:
  • "a twenty-two year old female employee [...] assigned as a cashier at Traffic Court’s location at 800 Spring Garden Street to collect [Philadelphia Parking Authority] fees for booting, towing, and impoundment operations." (Findings of Fact No. 12).
As described in the ruling at Findings of Fact No. 28, this judge ("Respondent") apparently took a personal liking to the twenty-two year old female employee ("F"):
  • Respondent’s discussions with F during the time period described above included Respondent’s statements that he thought F was “a beautiful young lady,” that he “would like to go out with” her, and they might choose to have an “intimate relationship.” “But whatever we do, it has nothing to do with Traffic Court. You’re an adult, I’m an adult. It’s a private matter.” Additionally, he told her that, alternatively, he “could be a friend there for you if you need somebody to talk to or if you need help in any other area that I can help you in, whatever that might be,” including “a ride somewhere” or "helping paying a bill or anything.”
The shit began to hit the fan for this judge the following day when, obviously upset, the young woman clocked in for work and asked a female Philadelphia cop with whom she was friendly for advice on how to handle the situation, at which point the judge began to feel the heat, as described in the ruling at Findings of Fact Nos. 44 to 55.

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