Thursday, December 27, 2012

Illinois AG Tags Two Outfits In Seperate Suits For Peddling Forensic Mortgage Audit Services To Homeowners, Allegedly Pocketing Illegal Upfront Fees While Providing No Assistance

From the Office of the Illinois Attorney General's Office:

  • Attorney General Lisa Madigan [] sought to crack down on a new form of “mortgage rescue fraud,” filing lawsuits against two companies for preying on struggling homeowners and promising loan assistance while actually adding to their targets’ financial hardship.

    In this new scam, a fairly new variation of mortgage rescue fraud, con artists falsely claim that an audit of a homeowner’s mortgage will identify errors and can reduce a homeowner’s monthly mortgage payments. In some cases, Madigan said, scammers specifically targeted struggling homeowners and convinced them that the audit would reduce their mortgage as a way to help them avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes.

    Madigan filed two lawsuits [] against Mortgage FACS Corporation and Enlightened LLC [which operated as A.M.T. Auditing Services LLC and the Mortgage Auditing Program] for posing as professionals who can help consumers by completing so-called “mortgage loan audits.”

    In exchange for illegal upfront fees, the scammers promised to review whether lenders complied with state and federal lending regulations and to identify errors that could help the homeowner’s case for reducing their monthly payment or modifying their loan. In reality, many victims of the scam paid the upfront fee but received no assistance.
For the Illinois AG press release, see Madigan Sues "Forensic Loan Audit" Schemes for Ripping Off Homeowners Seeking Loan Savings, Help Fighting Foreclosure (Attorney General Files 2 Lawsuits in Crackdown on New Form of Mortgage-Related Scam).

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