Saturday, December 8, 2012

Deceased Homeowner's Frustrated Son On Experience With Notorious Mortgage Servicer: "Everyone At Bank Of America ... Has Jammed Their Head Up Their Asses & There’s No Hope Of Getting It Free!"

From a recent post on The Consumerist:

  • Picking up the pieces of a late loved one’s life is something no one looks forward to. Many businesses know this and will do what they can to ease you through the process. Then there’s Bank of America.

    Consumerist reader Matt is still in college but he’s already having to deal with the loss of his mother, who passed away on Oct. 1. Since then, he has been going through the process of notifying credit card companies, utilities, and everyone else.

    All of them were fairly cooperative and, in fact, Capital One and Chase were even helpful!” Matt tells Consumerist. “Everyone at Bank of America, however, has jammed their head up their asses and there’s no hope of getting it free.”

    Matt couldn’t locate any of his mother’s mortgage documents, so he had to call BofA to see what they could tell him. Regular readers of Consumerist can probably guess that the bank put impossible demands on Matt...
For the rest of the story, see Bank Of America Is Really Good At Losing Documents, Really Bad At Believing My Mother Is Dead.

Thanks to Deontos for the heads-up on this story.

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