Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Foreclosure Rescue Operator Gets 40 Months For 13 Felonies In Connection With $120K Homeowner Ripoff

In Monterey County, California, The Californian reports:

  • A woman was sentenced [] to prison for scamming homeowners in foreclosure, the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office said. Blanca Sanchez, also known as Blanca Maciel, received three years and four months in prison, the District Attorney’s Office said. Sanchez was found guilty by a jury Sept. 28 of 13 felonies, they said.

    During the trial, the District Attorney’s Office said, jurors heard testimony from eight homeowners who testified that they believed Sanchez was a licensed professional who could help save their homes from foreclosure.

    They said the homeowners were persuaded to pay Sanchez thousands of dollars to negotiate a lesser monthly mortgage payment. One homeowner paid more than $40,000 in fees, the District Attorney’s Office said, but lost her home in foreclosure anyway. Only one homeowner did not lose their home, they said.

    At the sentencing, the District Attorney’s Office said, Sanchez sought for felony probation, stating that she deserved a second chance and would work to pay back the money she took - which came to more than $120,000.

    Superior Court Judge Mark Hood agreed with the prosecution of Sanchez’s terrible conduct and reprimanded her for not accepting responsibility over her actions.

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