Friday, December 21, 2012

Massachusetts Landlord Pinched In Connection With Alleged Racial Harassment Charges Directed Against Mom, Infant Child; Behavior Constitutes Violation Of Earlier-Issued Civil Rights Injunction: State AG

From the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General:

  • A Holyoke man has been indicted in connection with the racial harassment of his tenant in violation of a civil rights injunction obtained by the Attorney General’s Office in 2009, Attorney General Martha Coakley announced [].

    Jesse Jedrzejczyk, 57, of Holyoke, has been indicted on charges of Violation of a Permanent Injunction, Criminal Harassment, and Civil Rights Violation.

    In 2009, the Attorney General’s Office filed a Superior Court civil action against Jedrzejczyk pursuant to the Massachusetts Civil Rights Act and obtained a permanent injunction against him based on allegations that he threatened, intimidated, and harassed a neighbor and her young daughters because of their perceived race.

    Despite being subject to the Superior Court order, authorities allege that Jedrzejczyk recently engaged in substantially similar behavior toward another neighbor and her infant child because of their perceived race. Authorities allege that Jedrzejczyk regularly used racial slurs and physical harassment to intimidate his tenant and create concern for her infant’s safety.
For the Massachusetts AG press release, see Holyoke Man Indicted in Connection with Violating Permanent Civil Rights Injunction (Defendant Allegedly Continues to Engage in Race-Based Harassment of Neighbors).

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